Westcoast Residential joins Absolute

The Advanced Rent Option (ARO ™) has the full benefits of our platinum management option with the additional benefit of a year’s rent upfront and a landlord rent guarantee.

ARO ™ is available for new tenancies provided the property is compliant and the tenants pass a professional referencing check. ARO ™ offers Landlords the ultimate in terms of peace of mind, convenience and financial freedom.

How it works

As a member of the ARO network, we use the proprietary Primary Tenancy business model to pay you a year’s rent in advance, less our agreed fees, within 3 working days of the tenant moving in and paying their first month’s rent.

The rent is then collected monthly from the tenants in the property. Practically speaking, the ARO is a guaranteed way for you to receive rent on your property - a win-win for you as a Landlord!

Landlord Rent Guarantee

ARO comes with a rent guarantee, which means that whilst the tenant is in the property you don’t have to pay us back, even if they don’t pay their rent.

In the unlikely event the tenant left mid-tenancy and there was a void, we would normally recoup the outstanding rent from a new tenant, however if we don’t relet (e.g. the landlord decides to sell) then you would be responsible to repay us for the void period.

Monthly management fee of 22.5%* pcm (18.75% +VAT)

*All other set up fees and services are identical to our platinum management package. Subject to a minimum fee of £120 pcm.