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When is the best time to put your property on the

It used be that there were some peak times to put your house on the market, but is that still true? What has changed over the years that may have had an effect on the perceived wisdom?

Back in the days before the internet, and even in the early years of it until the late 1990's there used to be a very different way of searching for a new home. You had to actually leave your house and head into the town centre and pound the streets visiting every estate agent office to register your details on their mailing lists.
This meant that certain times of the year the market would be a bit quieter as people were busy doing other things, Christmas was taken up with buying presents and summer holidays would mean a lot of people in the South Devon area were either away or busy in the hospitality industry. So you'd find people delaying putting their houses on the market around these times which would lead to an influx of properties all being launched at the same time in January, at Easter or in September.
The good news is that over the past couple of decades the market has evened out a lot more and we can put that down to the fact that you can now access all the properties available locally, using just your mobile phone or tablet, meaning far less effort is required to hunt down your next abode.
The question we would always ask is when would you like to move? If you want to move in the spring then putting your property on the market in January is probably a good idea, having said that though there is a massive spike of visitors to property websites around Christmas, and houses do still sell in December when there is likely to be less competition so maybe December is actually a better bet. The same is true for the other supposedly best times, it really isn't as important nowadays.
So if you're holding off putting your house on the market thinking that there's a perfect time to market your property, our advice is not to delay because the traditional busy times have now gone completely out of the window and your perfect buyer could be sat on their sofa tonight with mobile phone in hand looking for a home just like yours!