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Style your garden in 6 simple steps

Gardens are a highly pleasurable and versatile space so it’s no surprise that studies show it’s often one of the top priorities for buyers. Even if you aren’t thinking of selling anytime soon, it’s all too easy to forget about and neglect our gardens. Use our tips below to bring back your love for your garden.

Tidying the garden is one thing but styling it is another – it’s all about the finishing touches in our eyes. Once you’ve done all the maintenance jobs such as trimming the hedges, pressure washing the patio and removing weeds, it’s time to get creative! Why not surpass the expectations of friends and/or buyers and make your garden the centrepiece, whilst simultaneously adding value to your home…?

So, what are our top tips?

1. Kerb Appeal
The first thing people see when they arrive at your home is the front door, so it’s worth thinking about freshening this up. Replace rusty door handles and letterboxes and consider repainting your door if it is tired or damaged.

Make your home inviting with hanging baskets, pathway lights and a modern house number sign. If you have a driveway, make sure it’s clean and tidy. Simple touches like these really do create an important first impression.

2. Create designated zones
Before you start adding accessories to the garden, we would suggest dividing it into different areas. Not only will this make your space feel bigger, but it will also be more organised, allowing you to show the garden in its best light.

If you’ve got a BBQ or outdoor kitchen area, position your outdoor dining furniture close to this so that buyers can envisage themselves using the space. Define different areas with weatherproof rugs, cushions and seating to give an indoor-outdoor feel. If you’ve got children or grandchildren, try to keep their play equipment in one area… after all, gardens are for adults to enjoy too! If you’ve got a more casual seating space, channel relaxation with outdoor sofas, loungers or an egg chair. To complete the snug look and feel, add a gas or electric heater.

3. Lights
Illuminating your outdoor space with carefully selected lighting that looks just as good in the daytime as it does at night is such a great way to make your home feel luxurious. Consider the style and interior design of your home and expand this into the garden. A set of bronze or copper fixtures will give an aged, antique look if you have a period home, whereas matt black and silver fixtures will add to the contemporary feel of a modern home.

4. Reflect sunlight
Outdoor mirrors are ideal for bouncing light around the garden and, if positioned well, can also make the space feel bigger. When placing a mirror outside, consider what it will reflect. Fixing it against a fence or wall to reflect flowers and foliage is much more preferable than a view of a fence, drainpipes or a brick wall!

5. Add a pop of colour
When it comes to nature, feel free to play around with colour to add personality to your space. For older houses, a fast-growing climber such as wisteria or clematis set against a wall or fence will give your space a real ‘wow’ factor. If you’ve got a modern home, use trailing plants housed in hanging baskets to create a living wall of foliage for a more minimal approach.

6. Don’t overcomplicate
Neutral colours, always. Unless we are speaking about flowers and plants! Also be sure to keep your garden as low maintenance as possible – busy schedules mean that people want to enjoy their outdoor space without having to spend every weekend tending to needy plants!

Want more tips on styling your home or need other advice on how to prepare your home for sale? Either way, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with us here.