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Five Ways to Make Your Home Look More Spacious

Find out how you can make the most out of your space and make it more inviting.

Whether you’ve got a one-bedroom flat or a five-bedroom family home, the same rule usually applies – homes which are bright and airy are more appealing, inviting and attract better interest.

It’s well known that properties which feel spacious tend to fetch a higher price than similar properties that are cluttered, crowded or dark.

But how can you make your home more roomy? Don’t panic, you don’t need to start taking out walls, putting in windows or reconfiguring your home. A couple of small changes can have a huge impact.

Here are our top 5 methods to make your home feel bigger:

• Furniture – If you’ve got large furniture, such as big cabinets or sofas, that is rarely used and blocks windows or doors; it’s a good idea to consider putting them into storage, replacing or selling them. It’s easy to forget how much space you actually have when large pieces of furniture take up half a room.

• Mirrors – Possibly our favourite (and the simplest!) way to add light to your home. Consider positioning a large mirror at the rear of a room and close to windows so that light is reflected throughout your home.

• Declutter – Most people use the prospect of moving home as a time to part with unused items which have perhaps been gathering dust in cupboards, lofts and on shelves. Whilst this decluttering usually happens once a home is sold, we would always suggest starting this process before you market your home as it could add value and make it more appealing. It's not everyone's favourite job but after all, you’ve got to do it at some point and it will make your life easier down the line when you actually come to fully pack up your belongings.

• Neutral colours – Dark walls and bold patterned wallpapers can make a room look much, much smaller. We would suggest painting the walls and ceiling the same light neutral tone (i.e. white, cream or pale grey). This is also good practice before marketing a home as most buyers favour moving into a home which is a blank canvas, ready for them to put their own touch on.

• Natural light – Frame your windows by pulling curtains back and ensuring they aren’t blocked in any way (this includes decluttering windowsills too!). If your windows are dressed with heavy curtains, you could perhaps even consider replacing them with french blinds.

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